Pool Maintenance in Dannemora

We can even install new systems in your pool to make it more efficient and to help with the maintenance process. This includes installing a salt chlorination system in your pool as well as installing new heat pumps and solar heating solutions.

Get in touch for more information on our services and to get a quote for pool maintenance in Dannemora. Call now on 022 015 1211.

Pool Cleaning in Dannemora

At Water Dragon, we’ve got all your pool maintenance needs covered if you are in Dannemora. This includes regular pool cleaning, cleaning your pool if you have a green water and/or algae problem, replacing pool filters, repairing or replacing pumps, and much more.

Whatever pool cleaning requirements you have, if you’re in Dannemora, we can help at Water Dragon. This includes:

  • Pool cleaning on a regular schedule
  • Extensive pool cleaning including backwater filtering, vacuuming, brushing the pool surface, and more
  • Water testing and chemical balancing to ensure your pool stays clean and is healthy to use
  • Cleaning your pool if the water is green due to a build-up of algae

Pool Valet in Dannemora

At Water Dragon, we’ll get your pool back to its best again and we can keep it that way. Our expert pool valet is a service that is trusted by homeowners in Dannemora and the surrounding area. So, don’t put up with second best and don’t go through the hassle of trying to keep your pool clean yourself. Get a quote from us instead – call now on 022 015 1211.

Pool Filter Replacement in Dannemora

Regularly replacing pool filters is an essential maintenance task. If you need pool filter replacement in Dannemora, contact us for the best service and prices. Call today on 022 015 1211.